Which Is The Best White Lithium Grease For Telescope Gears?

White lithium grease is the best lubricant for telescopes and telescope mounts.

To keep a telescope in good condition and functioning well, it is important to lubricate gears, ball bearings, joints and other mechanical moving parts either in the telescope itself or the mount assembly.

Liquid oil is easy to apply but it drips off easily and does not provide lasting protection against moisture, dust and rust.

Grease provides more protection and lasts longer, but it’s messy and hard to apply in hard-to-reach areas, unless it’s white lithium grease.

White lithium grease combines the convenience of liquid oil with the performance of grease. It consists of a mixture of lithium soap and oil and usually comes in form of an aerosol, though it can also be a lube or a smooth gel.

White lithium grease sticks on whatever surface you apply it on and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. It also provides long lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

In this buying guide, we recommend the best white lithium grease for telescope gears and other moving parts of your telescope assembly.

Note: If you do your stargazing using binoculars, you can also use white lithium grease on them if they have adjustable focus. Lubricating the small gears that move the shaft allows easier and smoother focusing.

Key Considerations When Buying White Lithium Grease for Your Telescope

A. Type of Grease

Aerosol lithium grease is the best one for most stargazers. An aerosol allows you to apply grease easily to small and hard-to-reach areas.

But be careful when using an aerosol spray near your telescope’s optics. It’s easy to get some of the grease on the lenses, which can damage them.

Lithium grease in gel foam is also good as long as it is not too thick. It should be light enough that you can apply it your focuser’s gears with a toothpick or cotton swab, but not too light that it drips off.

B. Amount

If you are buying white lithium grease to maintain just one telescope, a 250-500ml can will do. Lithium grease lasts a long time, so you won’t need to reapply it for months.

Furthermore, you only need very little to keep your telescope running smoothly. Use too much and it could get into areas you don’t want, like the lenses.

If you are maintaining multiple telescopes or want a multipurpose grease you can use around the house and in other mechanical tools, look for white lithium grease that comes in a large tub.

C. Applicator

Check if the can or tub comes with an applicator. Some lithium grease cans come with a straw that makes it easier to apply the grease precisely where you need it.

A straw is especially useful if you want to avoid getting any grease on the telescope lenses.

D. Temperature Range

White lithium grease has a wide temperature range, so you can use it in just about any environment. But it’s still important to check the specific range, especially the minimum temperature.

Most lithium greases are good up to -10°C, with some tolerating even colder temperatures up to -30°C. So whichever lithium grease you get, it should withstand the worst of British winters.

But if you plan to go stargazing in Alaska or some other extra-chilly location, make sure you pick lithium grease that can handle the cold.

Best White Lithium Grease for Telescope: Top 5 Reviews

1. WD-40 Specialist High Performance White Lithium Grease, 250ml

The WD-40 white lithium grease is the best choice for most stargazers.

What we love most about the WD-40 grease is its versatility. Depending on where you are applying it, you can set it to come out as a liquid or an aerosol spray.

The 250ml can comes with a straw for precise and mess-free application. Flip the straw up or down to switch between liquid and spray application.

Whichever way you apply it, the grease settles thickly on the surface and stays put. It protects gears and other moving parts from rust, corrosion and wear.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use straw applicator.
  • Non-drip formula.
  • You can apply as liquid or spray.

2. Comma GR212.5 12.5Kg Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

If you are looking for a large tub of lithium grease, we recommend this 12.5kg tub from Comma. It’s perfect if you don’t want to keep buying small cans of grease or want plenty of grease for use on other tools and parts in addition to your telescope.

Comma lithium grease works well on all kinds of metal-to-metal surfaces including the gears on your telescope focuser, ball bearings and moving joints.

The grease is in form of a smooth gel, so you’ll need an applicator like a cotton swab to apply it.

Comma has good temperature tolerance with a working range of -10°C to +120 °C. It also resists washout by water and provides long-term protection against corrosion.

What we like about it:

  • Large tub.
  • Tolerates high and low temperatures.
  • Corrosion and rust protection.
  • Smooth formula that’s easy to apply.

3. SILVERHOOK SGPG01 Lithium Grease Tub, 500ml

The SILVERHOOK SGPG01 lithium grease is ideal for telescope and binocular owners who prefer a gel to a spray formulation. It’s also a good choice if you are shopping on a budget.

The gel is smooth and non-sticky, so it’s easy to apply on different parts and surfaces. It doesn’t come with an applicator, so you’ll need to use a cotton swab or something similarly small to get it into the small gears of the focuser.

Once you apply it, the SILVERHOOK lithium grease can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures. It works well in temperatures between -15°C and 135°C.

In addition to reducing friction and protecting small moving parts from wear, the SILVERHOOK lithium grease is very good at keeping out corrosion and rust.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.

4. 3 in One Professional White Lithium Grease, 400ml

The 3-in-One white lithium grease is another great choice if you prefer the convenience and ease of use of an aerosol grease.

Like the WD-40 can of white lithium grease, the 3-in-One can also comes with a straw for easy and precise application.

The liquid spray settle quickly on the surface and becomes a thick layer that can resist extreme temperatures, water wash-off and corrosion.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Tolerates extreme temperatures.
  • Resistant to water and rust.

5. Carlube XMG500 LM2 Lithium Multi-Purpose Grease, 500g

The Carlube XMG500 LM2 is a good choice if you prefer lithium grease in gel form.

It settles easily on surfaces and doesn’t melt even at high temperatures. It also won’t freeze when it gets cold, which could cause your telescope to gum up.

Carlube is also resistant against water wash-off and protects metal parts from corrosion and rust.

What we like about it:

  • Tolerates extreme temperatures.
  • Non-drip formula that’s easy to apply.
  • Provides long-lasting rust protection.

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